The Elders of Kings Road United Reformed Church are pleased to announce.

The Church reopened on Sunday 20th September 2020 at 10:30am.

Due to Social distancing we are having to restrict the numbers that can be present.  This is 26 that includes 16 people who would have to sit in the gallery.

The Elders would remind you that face masks must be worn throughout the service,
that we are unable to sing hymns or respond with raised voices,
and that we will observe physical distancing during our time together.
There will be no refreshments available.
Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time before the service to be welcomed and wash your hands before being shown to your seat.
To book a place contact Les Denton by email to or by telephone to 07777 653401 by Friday evening so that we can prepare the Sanctuary for the service.
If more than one person is attending from your family and you would like to sit together, please tell us in your request so that seating can be adjusted.  Also, if you are unable to climb stairs.
We will be streaming the Service live on YouTube and it will be available later in the day if you are unable to watch it live. For more information see: Live Streamed Services
The Kings Road URC TV channel is available by following this link:  Kings Road URC TV
Also, could you please subscribe to the channel – if we can get over 100 subscribers, we can get a custom branded link to the channel.

From the Desk of the Minister

Dear Friends,

I thought that I should take this opportunity to bring you up to date with the work that the Elders have been doing recently about re-opening our Church building.
You will be aware that the Government have recently issued revised guidelines for the use of Places of Worship from July 4th.
The guidance now sets out that Places of Worship can be used, from July 4th for worship. Places of Worship can also be used for Early Years Education where the provider uses our premises.
These are the only reasons for which the building can be used. That means no clubs, organisations or other social activities. Just Worship and Early Years Education.
The Elders have been coming to terms with advice from the government, the United Reformed Church and our insurers. This past two weeks have seen new advice given by both the government and the URC. The amount of information that the Elders must have knowledge of and give regard to is extensive.
Before the Elders can decide about opening the building, we must undertake a Risk Assessment and then decide how to mitigate each risk identified in the assessment. If we cannot reduce the risks identified to a level which makes it safe to use the building, we cannot reopen it.
At their June meeting where they looked at the work that would be needed to reopen, according to the information at hand at that time, the Elders decided that it was not feasible to consider reopening before September, at the earliest.
A Risk Assessment has been completed and the Elders will be briefed about the risks identified and the work needed to reduce that risk at their meeting on July 9th.
Without seeing the Risk Assessment, we know that we will need to implement strict hygiene disciplines for everyone coming into the building.
We know that we must assess the number of individuals who can be in any part of the building and apply limits to the numbers who can attend each activity.
We know that we will need to implement a physical distancing policy of 2 metres between individuals, not of the same household, within the building.
We know that we will have to clean areas where any activities take place before and after that activity.
We know that we will have to provide stewards to ensure distancing and hygiene and we know that we will have to record the names and addresses of anyone coming into the building to allow everyone to be traced.
We know that we will not be able to sing during worship.
We know that we must provide signs to tell people what we have done and where they can go in the building.
I hope that you will understand that implementing what we already know will be a huge task before we discover what needs to be done considering the Risk Assessment.
Please be patient with the Elders.