Mission Statement

As a local congregation of the United Reformed Church, Kings Road United Reformed Church seeks to
advance the Christian religion through its activities and the facilities offered to the community by its building. Our
mission statement sets these objectives out more specifically as:-

  • to offer the gospel of Jesus Christ to all in need and distress.
  • to be the hands and voice of Jesus Christ in Westcliff-on-Sea.
  • to encourage members of the church to live a life of active faith.
  • to be always ready for Christ’s call to minister in new ways to a changing world.
  • to provide a welcome and a Christian atmosphere within our buildings that offers all who enter an encounter
    with the living God.
  • to provide regular worship that offers the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is encouraging and inspiring,
    that is comforting and challenging.
  • to work ecumenically with other churches in the local area to build Christ’s Kingdom.